Santa Barbara Art Walk


I thrive when I travel. It’s where I collect images and inspirations for the art that I put onto my canvases. During one of my road trips with a friend to Santa Barbara, CA, we met Bill. He's been painting since high school and an artist for the Santa Barbara Art Walk since it began! I absolutely could not walk away from this piece of work. But, I only had $20 with me. We had been talking, and I had to explain why I couldn’t purchase his art.

He simply replied:  "I can trust ya... Just mail me a check.” My eyes started to fill with tears.

So, here I am with my new friend Bill who deeply inspired me. As an artist myself, knowing the energy and passion it takes to create artwork (especially at his age) and put trust in a complete stranger with an IOU, taught me something huge. I don't know really how to put it in words, but I felt something shift... And it's a good thing.