bGallery Art Opening

bGallery Art Opening

Back in April, I had the privilege of hanging my work in Bgallery located in The Gulch here in Nashville. What a great event with incredible food, wine, and loads of people! Meredith Edmondson, a local glassblower, curated the event and I would say it was, hands down, my best opening to date. I love the energy and anticipation that comes along with an art show. One of my favorite parts of being an artist is putting my heart on the wall and letting people in to see. It’s vulnerable, yes, and has been a very gradual, slow, process for me. But the more I do it, the more I love it. Thank you for the honor and the opportunity to do what makes me feel most fully alive. 





about the STAA Abstract Show.

Excerpt from the article:

"... Howell, who was inspired by the hidden artistry of her grandmother while growing up in Nashville, spends her time using art as a connecting point with others. After studying art and human development at Samford University and obtaining a Masters in Art Therapy from Florida State University, she began using art to work with children and young adults at Daystar Counseling Ministries. When she's not working with clients, she creates her own pieces using primarily acrylic paint and the encaustic method.

Working in the abstract gives Howell "the feeling of freedom and finding another way for expression," she said. "It's the reason that I paint today. It's when I feel most alive. But the purpose for art in my life is not just for an avenue for self-expression. It doesn't stop there. My ultimate hope is that by inviting others in to see it, somehow they can be reminded of their own story and purpose through the stories I have shared on my canvases.

"I hope when people look at my work, they can think: 'I am not alone in this'I hope they will see a familiar emotion in a painting, and feel the courage to face it. When we connect that way, when we realize that we are not alone in the battle, that's when we find hope. That's when doors open," Howell said...." 

Check out the full article HERE!

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Santa Barbara Art Walk


I thrive when I travel. It’s where I collect images and inspirations for the art that I put onto my canvases. During one of my road trips with a friend to Santa Barbara, CA, we met Bill. He's been painting since high school and an artist for the Santa Barbara Art Walk since it began! I absolutely could not walk away from this piece of work. But, I only had $20 with me. We had been talking, and I had to explain why I couldn’t purchase his art.

He simply replied:  "I can trust ya... Just mail me a check.” My eyes started to fill with tears.

So, here I am with my new friend Bill who deeply inspired me. As an artist myself, knowing the energy and passion it takes to create artwork (especially at his age) and put trust in a complete stranger with an IOU, taught me something huge. I don't know really how to put it in words, but I felt something shift... And it's a good thing.